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What is Qigong?

Qigong is an ancient Chinese system of self-awareness developed specifically as a means by which each individual may take control of their life, protect their health and vitality while developing their spiritual insight and growth. The word “Qigong” means “breath work.”  It is a way of helping one learn the mechanics of the body while giving the benefits of vibrant health and longevity; much like yoga.

Qigong is simple and attainable. The individual learns how to harness the energies of nature within themselves and find balance and harmony in this practice. As a result of this balance, one may enjoy the benefits of vibrant health, longevity, mental and spiritual insight, clarity and eventually attain a state of oneness.

In todays busy, oftentimes stressful lifestyle, Qigong is highly effective for increasing productivity and creativity in daily activities and work. New found vitality enhances energy, and can be used as a tool for healing the body and preventing disease.

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Why Should I Practice Qigong?

Qigong was developed to focus on key points of the body, or certain channels called meridians.  The meridians in traditional Chinese medicine follow very closely to major neurological pathways and the main arteries in the body.  In the practice of Qigong, we combine the physical movements with stretching the ligaments & tendons as well as stacking the bones.  The focus is primarily on the balance & making circular movements that coordinate with the breath.

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  Why should you practice? Let’s consider some of the most common reasons people begin to practice Qigong;  relief from stress, calming the mind, and finding inner peace. Let’s be real here- the sympathetic nervous system holds onto stress. Anytime we find ourselves overworked, we start shortening the breath. Our nervous system begins to send that worry, anxiety and stress to different places in the body.  Headaches, heartaches, chest pains, muscle pains, lower back pains and eventually making its way into the internal organs.

  Don’t you want relief from your body and your mind? Aren’t you sick of being a slave to your thoughts and your body?  Qigong has been around for thousands of years to assist in keeping the body youthful and the mind at ease.