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What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient science. The word yoga means “union”; union of the body, mind and soul. True yoga is to find oneness in everything. The purpose of yoga is to reach self-realization. The purpose of Yoga Asana (physical poses) is to bring the body into a state of vibrant health and balance. When Yoga Asanas are practiced regularly, the body is filled with a sense of lightness which in turn allows the mind to remain in a state of ease.

Practicing the poses everyday teaches us to go within and to open up parts of ourselves that would otherwise remain hidden and closed. We learn to tune into our bodies and connect with the rhythms of Nature. This teaches us to go with the flow and practice daily activities with ease. Most importantly, we learn to let go of the burdens that we unknowingly hold onto; desires, stress, anxiety, anger, and fear. Yoga liberates us in every aspect of our being.

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Our Yoga Philosophy

We believe that being in a state of balance is key. A balanced body is a healthy body. Maintaining this lifestyle requires more than just practicing yoga poses. It is also vital that we make time for daily meditation, eat a healthy, cruelty-free diet, spend time in nature, express our creativity and surround ourselves with like-minded people. Having a community that supports your positive lifestyle changes makes following the Yoga Path more enjoyable and attainable! At Eastern Arts Yoga, we take this to heart and work hard to maintain a strong sense of Community by offering a variety of Yoga Classes as well as Meditation groups and different forms of self expression to help you succeed at achieving Vibrant Health and happiness!

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